What time does the Festival begin & end?

The Festival runs from 10AM-5PM on November13th.

When is the earliest date & time that vendors can set up?

Setup begins at 7:30AM on Sunday, November 13th.

Can product be shipped to the venue prior to Sunday November 13th?


How many people are expected to attend the festival?

We expect thousands of attendees on this, our first year.

Will there be a refrigerated storage unit available?

At this time, we do not have refrigerated storage. Many vendors bring large coolers with dry ice.

How much product should be brought for sampling?

Sampling is not required, but is very much recommended. Sample as much as you are comfortable with. Attendees love trying new foods at the festival.

What are the dimensions of the selling/sampling area and table?

The size of the space and table depend on the Exhibitor Package selected. See the Exhibitor Application.

How many exhibitor staff badges are we given?

See the Badge Registration Page.

What permits are needed to participate in the festival?

All Exhibitors are required to bring copies of any necessary business permits, licenses, operating licenses (food & beverage vendors), etc., on the day of the show.

Here are some resources you may consult. (Note that this is an indoor event so unless you are a truck exhibitor you will not need street vending permits.)

Where can we park?

Suggested parking lot for the venue is at 662 Van Ness. Since the event is on a Sunday, there will also be street parking available in the area although limited.

Are there any food and beverage restrictions that we must adhere to?

Yes. The restrictions are outlined in the Exhibitor Guidelines Page.

What type of signage should I bring?

Each Exhibitor must have a banner indicating the name of their company. Signs can be made of any material and type, however a professional appearance is required (i.e. no handwritten signs unless done by a professional calligrapher). No signs or banners may intrude into the aisles or substantially block the view of other Exhibitor tables. The sign can be affixed to the front of your table or it may be free standing behind your table. Note that most exhibitor spaces do not have a wall or curtain behind them to which signs can be affixed.

When do I need to load out by?

Load out must be completed by 7 pm on Sunday, November 13th.

When will I find out the location of my exhibitor space?

A final floorplan will be sent to you at least a week prior to the festival.